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Katie believes there is strength in having a diverse population and is dedicated to representing all residents of Lower Paxton Twp. regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or other personal identifiers.


She is also committed to protecting the environment and the legacy of the township as it moves forward with its land development proposals, ordinances and decisions that influence not only the present day status of the township but the future of its residents for generations. 

Appropriate representation across the Township - Moving on up to 1st Class

As a Township of the 2nd class Lower Paxton Township is restricted to electing its supervisors using "at-large" geographic boundaries.  This means that each supervisor may live anywhere in the township and must win enough votes from voters across the township to earn their seat on the board of supervisors.  

This system was ideal for Lower Paxton when it was a largely agricultural community with a sparse and spread-out population but that is no longer the case.  Over the past several decades the township has experience explosive growth and has transcended from a farming community to a thriving residential and commercial mecca with a population density of 50,000 individuals representing over 27+ nationalities.  It is time we recognize and embrace these changes and in doing so, look closely at the way we elect our local leaders. 

Since currently there are no limits to where the supervisor must live within the township the result can be that all 5 supervisors live in the same neighborhood thereby possibly leaving large portions of the township without knowledgeable representation of their particular local government needs.  

Katie would like to see our Township conduct a study that could result in a voter driven ballot referendum that would change the Townships 2nd class status to that of a First Class Township.  The change to a First Class Township would allow a possible change in the election system from the current "at-large" process to an individual ward based system whereby supervisors would live and be elected within specific geographic sections of the township. 

As an example, instead of all 5 supervisors being able to live in one section of the township, a ward system could require at least one supervisor be elected from the Paxtonia, Colonial Park, Union Deposit and Linglestown sections of the township with perhaps a 5th supervisor elected "at-large". 

This would more than likely result in a more fair representation of the townships unique and diverse population.  

In addition, as a First Class Township, Lower Paxton would be able to take advantage of additional benefits not currently available to 2nd class Townships.  

Blue Ridge Country Club Development

Update:  On 9/19/17 that Board of Supervisors voted 3 - 2 to adopt the changes to the zoning ordinance to pave the way for Triple Crown to develop the Blue Ridge Golf Course.

Below is Candidate Scheibs' stance on this issue pre-vote:

There are actually 3 issues for consideration that are "wrapped up" in the interest of "what is happening at the Blue Ridge Country Club?" and it is complicated to separate them.

1)  The planning commission and Board of Supervisors are considering a re-zoning request for the entire plot of land known as the Blue Ridge Country Club from AG to Institutional/Residential Retirement Development District.

2)  The planning commission and the Board of Supervisors are considering an entire re-write of the zoning language contained in the Institutional - Residential Retirement /Development District of the Townships Zoning Ordinance

3)  The owners of the Blue Ridge Country Club - Triple Crown - are planning to develop the property and submit those plans for consideration and approval once the zoning issues are settled.  In the meantime they are showing possible "teaser" development plans that may be presented for approval depending on the success of their proposed re-write of the zoning ordinance.

That is what makes this issue so important.  It appears as though the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors are combining two of the steps into one discussion and vote.  Namely changing the language of the zoning ordinance while at the same time considering the change of zoning of the parcel of land.

At a minimum, these two issues should be separated so they can each be carefully considered.  Once the zoning ordinance language is changed it will apply to ALL proposed developments that fall within that category throughout the Township, not just the Blue Ridge location.  

And by combining the two, there certainly appears as though there is a self-serving conflict of  interest with respect to the assistance that Triple Crown is offering when stepping in to provide professional guidance/suggestions in the zoning ordinance language change.

Realizing you "can't stop progress" Katie is adverse to the manner in which the zoning language is being changed to facilitate the type of development desired by the land owners.  She does not feel the designation "Residential Retirement Development District" is the appropriate zoning designation for the proposed development and therefore opposes the approval of the change in the zoning ordinance language as it is currently proposed. 

Katie does, however, support the accessible universal design standards that are being proposed as part of the mandatory building requirements in the change of zoning language.  

Transparency for Better Government

UPDATE:  At the 9/19/17 Board of Supervisors Business meeting Candidate Scheib spoke during the public comment section and inquired into nature of the meetings covered by the disclaimer on the bottom of each meeting agenda that stated there were additional BOS meetings held "for information purposes either before or after the pubic meeting".

Katie asked What the nature of the meetings were...when, where and how often they were held...who was present....was the public permitted, asked for an example of what was discussed and inquired whether notes were kept.

Chairman Hornung deferred to Solicitor Stine and after Katie declined to accept an invitation to meet with Solicitor Stine in private to discuss, Solicitor Stine indicated he was not prepared to answer the question and the matter was deferred until the work session in October.

Further update:  The October worksession was abruptly terminated within minutes due to "procedural" questions.  The Sunshine Act discussion did not take place although its extremely likely that, ironically, the BOS participated in TWO violations of the Sunshine Act on Oct. 10th.

At the Oct. 17th meeting, when the Sunshine Act agenda item did not appear, during the public comment portion of the agenda Katie attempted to bring the issue once again to light, but was promptly (and in the campaigns opinion) inappropriately interrupted, badgered and ultimately kept from completing her prepared statement.

The last scheduled public meeting prior to the election has been changed from the Monday before the election to the Wednesday following the election.  Further Public comment silenced as a result.

This issue continues to unfold as the campaign and its volunteers attempt to discover how the township conducts its business.  The fact that we are finding this a difficult thing to accomplish is concerning. 

Our understanding from the township manager is that the township has not adopted any by-laws or rules of order that would mandate a particular process and/or procedure to follow when conducting township business. 

It has become routine for the minutes from previous meetings to wait several weeks before they are reviewed, approved and accepted (for example, the minutes from the June 13th meeting were approved at the Sept. 5th meeting) creating a lengthy delay in making the official transcripts available for public inspection.  This, in turn, impairs the publics ability to remain current on township issues.

In addition, we understand and have experienced the township supervisors taking great latitude in applying the PA Supreme Court decision that allows them to meet behind closed doors "for informational purposes".

Recently it was brought to the campaigns' attention that the Lower Paxton Twp. board of supervisors have adopted an ordinance (Ordinance Section 115) that specifically excludes township construction projects from having to comply with the township zoning ordinance.


In the experiences of Candidate Scheib, all of the above are highly unusual.  However, regardless of whether the Supervisors decisions and methods of reaching those decisions are within legal boundaries, in the opinion of the Citizens for Scheib campaign, this perceived secrecy and failure to disclose and discuss public matters in a public forum without any rules of process only facilitates public distrust. 

Therefore, if elected, Katie would lobby without fail, for all meetings that contain a quorum (majority) of supervisors, unless protected by the specific exclusion of Executive Session privilege, be conducted in open public forums, by a process that everyone can understand and that, within reason, all ordinances that apply to the citizenry also apply to its government.

Origins of Campaign Tag-Line "The ONLY Woman for Lower Paxton Township Supervisor"

We've been asked to explain the campaign tag-line "Katie Scheib, the ONLY Woman for Lower Paxton Township Supervisor" so here it is....from the candidate herself.

Earlier in the campaign, a self-professed, life-long Republican friend here in Lower Paxton Twp. came to me and told me that he had been wondering, if he didn't know me, why would he want to vote for me? 

This led him to ask a number of his contacts around the country, what would encourage a person to vote for a candidate they didn't know, who was outside their normal political party affiliation?  The answer was almost the same across the spectrum.  The person would have to possess or represent something that was of value or was important to the voter in addition to the typical candidates self-proclaimed qualifications of education, experience, etc.  

So, my friend went onto say that in thinking about it, the only reason he'd vote for me was because I am a woman and he feels we need to increase the numbers of women elected to public office and, in this particular race for Township Supervisor, the Republican candidates are both men. 

To clarify, he, of course, meant he was interested in having well- qualified women elected to office who were able to perform the tasks demanded of the position  - not simply human beings who happened to be female.

And, he is not alone.  More and more voters, across the country, are expressing interest and support in increasing the numbers of women in government leadership positions.  The reasons vary but the demand is growing and it is a non-partisan demand.

I am proud to be a woman that is considered to be a well-qualified community leader and I am dedicated to increasing the numbers of other well-qualified women into elected government positions.  If elected, it would be a privilege to take a seat alongside Supervisor Robin Lindsey where, together, we would, as women, comprise  40% of the voting members (2/5) of the Lower Paxton Twp. Board of Supervisors. 

So, with that said, my good friend - a male Lower Paxton Twp. registered Republican, and marketer by trade - suggested the transparent campaign tag-line that highlights the simple truth:

Katie Scheib, the ONLY woman for Lower Paxton Twp. Supervisor.  



What does ESG mean and why is it important?

ESG is a term Katie often uses as a professional financial consultant in her Lower Paxton Twp. full service financial and insurance based business, Progressive Asset Management.   ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and it is a specific type of criteria that she applies to investments for her clients that are committed to a financial portfolio that takes into consideration the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. (Visit for additional information.)

When applied, ESG criteria asks the question - is it good for the environment?  Is it fair, equitable and sustainable?  Are the decision makers representative of a larger whole of society?  

ESG criteria can be applied outside of the investment industry as well.  When applied to Lower Paxton Twp. Katie believes the township can do better at making decisions and adopting policies and procedures that move the township toward a more environmentally friendly, inclusive and sustainable future.


Climate Change? - Real or Fiction - Next Steps

Regardless of whether you believe that climate change is occurring and whether, if it is, it is due to human consumption or natural evolution there are ways in which the township can be improving its odds in facing whatever conditions the future may hold.  Here are some thoughts from Candidate Scheib....


Stormwater management - There's no denying with the strength of recent Hurricanes Irma and Harvey to our south, Lee and Sandy in our backyard and 1972's Agnes that, "where it rains, it floods." 

And its only common sense to realize that with each approved development of land, the township is lessening natures ability to return stormwater to its natural state. 

Therefore, the increase in land development, without the implementation of creative and progressive stormwater management, will result in the township experiencing the increasing consequences of poorly managed stormwater run-off. 

Your neighbors' stormwater becomes your basement problem and the stormwater run-off from your yard becomes your neighbors' problem and the run-off from the increasing commercialization across the township will be everybody's problem as landscapes and roads flood. 

Candidate Scheib proposes limiting development and requiring implementation of forward thinking, progressive stormwater management designs and systems that exceed state mandated requlations.  She believes it is better to be proactive and prepared for the future possibility of increasing rainfall and greater upstream run-off, than reactive and forced to implement expensive corrections to overwhelmed systems once problems arise.

Dependence on Fossil Fuels - Again, regardless of whether you're a believer in climate change and the belief that fossil fuels are contributing to the increase in the global temperature, there's no denying that the future of fossil fuels is precarious at best and it is only common sense to realize, as a limited resource, the future holds a decreasing availability of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) at an increasing cost. 

In addition, the price of maintaining a reliance on expensive grid systems to deliver fuel and electrical power will eventually result in an overwhelming burden to the Township taxpayers. 

Therefore,  Lower Paxton Township, instead of maintaining the status quo of relying on fossil fuels, would fare far better to follow in the footsteps of Republican Mayor Dale Ross of Georgetown Texas who is moving his city toward 100% renewable energy.  LP Township should move toward becoming a role-model to other PA communities by transitioning to the utilization of renewable energy resources to power its vehicles, buildings and infrastructure while providing education and opportunity to its residents to do the same. 

Traffic Congestion in the Townshp

With the residential and commercial development "improvements" along Rt. 39 (Linglestown Rd.), business relocations and general township population levels, the congestion of traffic in and around the township is increasing to levels that require residents leave their homes, sometimes twenty minutes earlier, to get to their planned destinations.  Without the past two months township officials have approved two additional large residential and commercial plan developments that will only stand to add to this already burdensome traffic problem.  

Our campaign stands on the issue that the township and its elected officials should delay approving any additional development or changes to the zoning ordinances that would only add to the burden of increased traffic until the final version of the current comprehensive plan and Rt. 39 traffic corridor study are released.  After all, isn't that why they're being conducted in the first place?

Public Safety

On  personal level....

One of our daughters is a legal advocate for a domestic violence shelter and one of our son-in-laws is a career EMT/firefighter so family dinner talk includes serious discussions on domestic abuse, first responder calls and the need for well-funded fire/police and social services.

My sister and brother in law were firefighters/ambulance attendants running out of Linglestown Fire Company #1 - Station 35 in the mid 70's-80's.

A Linglestown firefighter took me to my senior prom!

My nephew is a safety officer/EMT in the Delco area.  

My son in law a career firefighter in Bethlehem.

My dad was a volunteer fireman, his safety gear was a helmet, jacket and pair of boots. He'd run across the street and push the button to set off the fire siren when the phone call came.

Times sure have changed yet dedication to community firefighting continues throughout my family. Vote Scheib Nov. 7th to KEEP our public safety top notch!

Citizens for Scheib
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